AO Smith Water Heater TJ 80A User Manual

Commercial Storage Tanks  
These A. O. Smith storage tanks are designed for storing potable water. Fitting locations  
TJ-80S, TJ-80A  
TJV-120A, TJV-120M  
& TJV-200M  
are designed to meet the needs of normal installations plus those  
for the A. O. Smith Cer-Temp 80 and Shure-Temp piping methods.  
A. O. Smith storage tanks are ideal for use with gas-fired copper heat exchanger equipment  
for storage of any potable water at temperatures up to 180°F.  
GLASS-LINED TANK - Alkaline borosilicate composition permanently fused to steel by  
firing at a temperature of 1600°F, providing years of corrosion protection and  
dependable use.  
HEAVY GAUGE STEEL JACKET - With baked enamel finish.  
THREADED OPENINGS - All tanks furnished with threaded openings for thermometer,  
relief valve, 2” recirculation lines, tankstat, and drain valve.  
If the tank should leak any time during the first 5 years, under the terms of the warranty,  
A. O. Smith will repair or replace the tank. Installation, labor, handling and local delivery are extra.  
For complete information, consult the written warranty or contact A. O. Smith.  
TJ-80S, TJ-80A, TJV-120M and TJV-120A  
• Fits through 30” door  
• Magnesium anode for anti-corrosion protection  
TJ-80A • 80 gallons • exceeds ASHRAE requirements •  
saves fuel, helps reduce standby heat loss • 160 psi ASME  
standard working pressure.  
TJV-120A • 119 gallons • exceeds ASHRAE requirements • saves fuel, helps reduce  
standby heat loss • 160 psi ASME standard working pressure.  
TJ-80S • 80 gallons • exceeds ASHRAE requirements • 150 psi working pressure.  
120 Gallon Model  
TJV-120M • 119 gallons • exceeds ASHRAE requirements  
• 150 psi working pressure.  
Perfectly balanced manifold kits (120 gallon models) allow  
installation where 240 to 480 gallons of stored water is  
TJV-200-M - 175 GALLONS  
• 150 psi ASME working pressure  
• 2” foam insulation  
• Handhole cleanout (Standard)  
• Fits through 33” door  
• Storage is downsized to 175 gallons for a 32” x 77” envelope for space restrictive  
installations. Model TJV-200 is available with 200 gallons of storage  
• Magnesium anodes for extra corrosion protection.  
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Revised August 2008  
Commercial Storage Tanks  
Storage tank shall be A. O. SMITH glass-lined storage tank. Tank shall be _______” x _______” and have a nominal capacity of ____ gallons. Tank(s) shall  
have threaded openings as shown on drawings. Interior of tank(s) shall be glasslined with an alkaline borosilicate composition which has been fused to the  
steel by firing at a temperature of 1600°F. Glass coating shall be continuous over the entire inner surface of the tank. Outer jacket shall have a baked enamel  
finish. Foam insulation to meet or exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2004 efficiency requirements. Cathodic protection shall be provided. Tank shall have a working  
pressure of ____ psi. Tank shall have a five year limited warranty as outlined in the written warranty.  
For Technical Information and Automated Fax Service, call 800-527-1953. A.O. Smith Corporation reserves the right to make product changes or improvements without prior notice.  
Revised August 2008  
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